Saturday, October 15, 2011

real uggs vs fake uggs

how do you know if your uggs are real or not?

FYI: kissesNuggs are authorized 
wholesale distributors for UGG
Australia & their parent company, 
so we don't manufacture or alter
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Don't waste your time
and money on fake
and or counterfeit

the best way to avoid wasting your money on counterfeit or fake Uggs is by purchasing them through a distributor or an authorized dealer.
Real UGGs are made of one
 solid piece of twin-faced sheepskin.
Fake UGGs are usually made
of 2 separate pieces of material,
an outer suede-like material &
 then fur fibers on the inside,&
are sewn together around the edges.
You can also feel the difference
in the soles. Real Uggs do not
have a stiff sole, 
or smooth, flat bottoms

There are no tags hanging from real Uggs.. not even ones that say UGG Australia. Sorry, those are fakes.

The most defining element is the 2 layers of security: contained in a reflective security label & security sticker.
On real UGGs there is a reflective security sticker on the outside of the box. The sticker is embedded with 2 distinct features. Additionally, they have a sewn in material content label it will also have a security label sewn in behind the label on the left boot & will work in the same manner as the sticker.
To view the first feature, turn the sticker 90º and make sure the sun logos change from black to white on the reflective strip. Second, look at the same sticker's reflective strip, turn it at an acute angle and verify that the UGG logo appears on the strip with some color reflecting. 


  1. so helpful! did not know about the security tab! so cool! thanks!

  2. do all uggs even the older ones from years ago have the reflective lable?