Tuesday, October 18, 2011

it's time for new uggs if...

okay guys, here some reasons why you may buy uggs:

1. If your (fake) UGGs are "leanin".. like this:

                or this:

2. you have a baby, and they don't have UGGs yet:

 keep them warm& styling

3. if your boyfriend stole your UGGs....

4. if you like good deals..
visit kisses n uggs
5. if your favorite celebrities wear them:

6. if you like to collect UGGs..

 & like new ones.. 

7. if you partied too hard & ruined yours...

            or went to suny delhi..

8. if you are still wearing flops in this weather: 


9. if the dog at your homework UGGs:


10. if your embarrassed of your current footwear..

and the number one reason to buy at kisses n uggs is that you can still get the UGGs you want for yourself, or for a loved one and save up to $60 off !

<3 k-n-u
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